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Italian Seasonings Bed & More!

You can make your own Italian seasoning by growing the herbs in a raised garden bed! Or perhaps you like spicy salsa better... Whatever your taste, a raised garden bed is a wonderful place to get connected to the earth and make your creation.

Here are some great bed ideas. There are many varieties of each plant! Pick one that looks good and has a season short enough for you to harvest. (Unless you have the Dome Greenhouse for your bed - then you can extend your season!)

Spicy Salsa Bed

4 Tomato plants

2 basil plants

2 Jalapeno pepper plants

1 parsley

2 cilantro plants

10 garlic plants or chives

Salad Bed

1 row of red lettuce

1 row of mixed greens

1 row of green lettuce

1 row of spinach

Plant the rows only 6 inches apart and put the seeds all over a 1" wide row.

2 cherry tomato plants

2 basil plants

Italian Seasoning Bed



Sweet Majoram






The possibilities are endless! Enjoy the process of creating something beautiful and amazing to eat!

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