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We are open and making our first deliveries from now through June.

Let us know what you want now.

At Rose of Sharon's Garden, we’re passionate about helping our friends and neighbors raise their own food and flowers. These durable raised beds will make gardening fun and fruitful. The solid construction and ledge make gardening easier for those who need a place to rest while they work. 

Raised garden boxes like ours are easier to plant, water, weed, and harvest than in-ground beds. They produce better yields in a smaller space than traditional rows produce. Look up square foot gardening for amazing results in your raised bed from Rose of Sharon's Garden.

We make raised garden beds in 4' x 8' and 4' x 4' sizes at heights of 12", 18", and 24".

Quick Glance 2024 Pricing

24" High
8' x 4' x 24" Garden Bed $250

4' x 4' x 24" Garden Bed $200

18" High (Most Popular!)

8' x 4' x 18" Garden Bed $175

4' x 4' x 18" Garden Bed $150

12" High

8' x 4' x 12" Garden Bed $150

4' x 4' x 12" Garden Bed $120

Delivery of Fully Assembled Products to your yard:
$25-$100 depending on proximity to Oswego, IL

You may place your order online and pay for the delivery when it arrives, or just call us for options.

Need assembly and delivery to your yard?

Our delivery and assembly prices are very reasonable if you live in our area.

Contact us with your address and we'll quote it for you.


About Rose of Sharon's Garden

Who we are

Rose of Sharon is actually my name - and I love growing things! My husband is a woodworker. He built these garden beds for me and I thought so many others would love to have one too! In 2020 so much changed. My garden gives me space and a place to connect with nature and provide food for my family without wearing a facemask.  There are so many resources available for gardening online - the wellness benefits are overwhelming. Join me on a gardening adventure!

Get in Touch

5 Sherwood Drive, Oswego, IL 60543


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Open Hours

We're glad to video call - FaceTime, Google Duo, or whatever - to show you the beds and answer any questions!

Weekdays: 8am-6pm
Saturdays: 9am-6pm

Sundays: 12pm - 6pm

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